ABOUT DESTOCK TWO (Destockage Alimentaire)

Destock TWO (Destockage Alimentaire) is a trading company , based in FRNCE and is equipped with extensive trading experience. We have many international collaborations from Far East Asia, American, Australia and Africa.

We have been trading with reputed end users and re-sellers, many of whom have been our regular buyers and partners for many years now and we continue to expand our market. We are also agents for several yards who process and export their products. As a result, within a short period of time, Destock TWO has been able to establish its reputation as a reliable service provider who has been able to deliver quality and prompt service as promised.

We have business dealings with : Africa, India, Korea, China, Dubai, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius,USA, Mexico, Spain and Egypt.

How Legit We are 

We are legit and certify company in France and we import and export food and  Drinks in stock. Company registration Société : 844 287 300

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to the needs of our clients as a one-stop solution provider, by being approachable, efficient and knowledgeable. We aim to serve as a platform for buyers and sellers to strike the optimal balance between premium prices for sellers in return for quality material for buyers.

Our vision includes:

Fulfilling demands of our clients and maintaining a long-term loyal relationship with the clients
Extending our reach to establish new collaborations with organizations and individuals to expand our client base.
To be a trustworthy business partner to our clients and ensure professional service and excellence to meet their requirements.





Renseignements juridiques de l’entreprise et Legal


Company registration Société : 844 287 300

Numéro SIREN: 844287300

Numéro SIRET (siège): 84428730000025

Numéro TVA : FR46844287300

Numéro RCS: FR B 844 287 300



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